ARK Urbana is an Architecture and Urban Planning
practice founded in 2023. A one-person business
based in Helsinki.

Nandara Mendes is an architect and urban planner
(SAFA and CAU-RJ) driven by people-space
interactions. Throughout the study, observation,
comprehension, planning, and design. She has been
acting in the field since 2010.

Architectural services: Strategic definition;
Reparation and briefing; Concept design; Spatial
coordination; Technical design. Urban: Research;
Planning consultancy; QGIS Mapping; Design
proposals. Open for freelancers and collaborative

Y-ID 3363433-3 


Architecture and Urbanism practice focuses on
Educational and Cultural buildings, and
Renovation Architecture. 

Skills: ArchiCAD, Revit, Tekla Structures, Solibri, AutoCAD, Rhinoceros 3D,
SketchUp, QGIS, Adobe CS. Architectural design and technical drawings,
Urban design and technical drawings, Landscaping design, 3D Modeling
and Visualization, Graphic design.

For detailed information of projects, please check my portfolio here. 


Urban Planning practice focuses on bottom-up approaches.
Qualitative research, analysis, planning solutions, and design
of public spaces. Projects based on participatory planning,
and community inclusion.
Skills: QGIS, ArcGIS Graphic design, Adobe CS, Social Studies, Data collection,
Data Analysis, Data mapping, Multidisciplinary approach

For detailed information of projects, please check my portfolio here.



Nandara Mendes is a Doctoral student at the
University of Helsinki on the Faculty of Social Sciences.
Her Anthropology research supports her knowledge
from architectural and planning views on community

The observation of daily street life and learnings from
ordinary situations, as well as works in different
communities emphasises the possible solutions for
inclusive projects and palpable cities.

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